Highland Invitational Itinerary

Highland Invitational (All times are tentative and subject to change)
6:00 AM Meet at Highland High
6:00 AM Uniform Check in Sections
6:15 AM Load Truck/Pickup Trucks
7:00 AM Depart for Blackfoot High School
7:30 AM Arrive at Blackfoot High School
7:35 AM Section assignments for set up
8:20 AM Finish Set up assignment
8:20 AM Use the restroom/eat breakfast etc.
8:50 AM To your seats in the stands
9:00 AM Watch band performances, listen to clinician feedback
11:00 AM Judges Break
11:30 AM Change into uniforms
11:45 AM Stretch
11:55 AM Visual Fundamentals
12:10 PM To the Warm-Up Area
12:15 PM Warm-Up
12:50 PM Travel to Staging Area
1:00 PM Take the Field and Perform
1:10 PM Clinic on the field with Dr. Kloss
1:30 PM Change out of uniforms
1:45 PM Load Trucks
2:00 PM Clean Up
Around 2:30 PM Load Buses to return to HHS
Around 3:00 PM Return to HHS
Around 3:00 PM Unload Equipment



Personal Uniform Checklist
2017 Band Shirt
White Under Shirt
Bib Overalls
Black Athletic Shorts
Long Black Socks
Marching Shoes
Positive Attitude
·         Please don’t load up on sugar as we travel.
·         Make sure that you have all uniform, instrument & equipment parts.

·         We can’t fix gear or provide for things left at home.

·         Dress for the weather: warm, long underwear for colder competitions.

·         No bulky clothes or jeans allowed under uniforms.

·         Breakfast: Either bring food or money for concessions
·         Lunch: Either bring a sack lunch or money for concessions