Schedule 2017 Marching and Pep Band

Football Game:

September 22nd; call time – 6:15 pm (@ the Holt Arena)

Highland Invitational:

September 23rd; call time – 6 am (@Blackfoot High School, meet @ Highland)

Zombie Walk:

 September 29th; 4-7 pm (@ Edahow to the Red Lion Hotel)

Football Game:

September 29th; call time – 7:30 pm (@ the Holt Arena)

Bridgerland Invitational:

September 30th; call time – 8 am (@ Utah State University, meet @ Highland)

Wasatch Front Invitational:

October 7th; call time – 10:30 am (@ Herriman High School, meet @ Highland)

Mountain West Invitational:

October 14th; call time **TBA (@ the Holt Arena)

Football Game:

October 20th; call time – 4:45 pm (@ the Holt Arena)

Southern Idaho Band Showcase:

October 21st; call time 8 am (@ Minico High School, meet @ Highland)

Football Game:

October 27th; call time – 4:45 pm (@ the Holt Arena)

Mt. Timpanogus Invitational:

October 28th; call time 8 am (@ Pleasant Grove High School, meet @ Highland)

**TBA Times will be updated as performance times are decided