Holt Rehearsals

In preparation for the competition at ISU this week, we will be holding rehearsals at Holt Arena on Wednesday and Friday. Call time will be 6:15 AM (6:00 AM for drumline, guard, and sousas) so that we may begin promptly at 6:30 AM. You must be on time so that our monetary investment is not wasted with missed rehearsal time. Section leaders are coordinating carpools to get to Highland after rehearsal.

We will end marching band rehearsal at 8:00 AM so that sophomores can get to the school in time for the PSAT test. Drumline and Guard will continue rehearsing until 9:30, unless you are a sophomore, then you are excused to take the PSAT test. I know that Wednesday is not the ideal day to rehearse with testing going on that day, but Thursday at the Holt was not available.