Mt. Timpanogus Band Invitational


Mt. Timpanogus Band Invitational
8:00 AM Roll Call & Uniform Check in sections
8:05 AM Load Semi
8:45 AM Team Meeting
9:00 AM Final call for restroom use
9:05 AM Board the buses
9:10 AM Depart for Pleasant Grove High School, UT
12:00 PM Eat Lunch on the bus
12:30 PM Arrive at PGHS, UT
12:35 PM Use restrooms if needed
1:00 PM Unload Semi
1:30 PM Get changed into uniforms
1:50 PM Stretch/Marching Basics
2:15 PM Depart for Warm-up area
2:25 PM Warm-up
3:10 PM Warm-Up Ends
3:20 PM Report to gate
3:26 PM Field Entrance
3:29:16 PM Announcement
3:30 PM Performance
3:45 PM Change out of uniforms
4:00 PM Load Trailer
4:30 PM Dinner
5:15 PM Awards Ceremony
5:45 PM 4A Bands Compete
7:30 PM 5A Bands Compete
8:15 PM Board Buses/Last Call for Bathrooms
8:30 PM Depart for Highland High School
11:45 PM Arrive at HHS and Unload Semi