Southern Idaho Band Showcase


Southern Idaho Band Showcase
8:00 AM Call Time
8:30 AM Roll Call/Uniform Check in Sections
9:10 AM Review of Rules
9:20 AM Last Call for Restrooms/Board Buses
9:30 AM Depart for Minico High School
10:40 AM Arrive/Use Restrooms
10:40 AM Unload Trailer
11:00 AM Change into Uniforms
11:30 AM Visuals Review
11:40 AM Visual Warm-Up
12:00 PM Music Warm-Up
12:45 PM On Deck
1:00 PM Performance
1:15 PM Change very quickly out of uniform
1:15 PM Load Trailer
2:00 PM Awards Ceremony
2:15 PM Board Buses/Last Call for Restrooms
2:30 PM Depart for Highland High School
3:45 PM Arrive at HHS/Unload Trailer